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Birth Stories

Liz, Oliver & Baby

Luna arrived safely on 24th April weighing 7lb 11.  I was so glad she came when she was ready (41+1) so I didn’t need to think about any kind of induction, even stretch and sweep. The birth was quite far removed from what we had planned, but it was still a really positive experience, mainly […]

Lisa, James & Baby

On Saturday at 17:34pm our daughter Beatrix was born in our birthing pool next to the fire, all as planned. We could simply could not have done it without you. It was a positive birth, where my labour lasted 24 hours almost exactly. However in that time I slept (well snoozing and managing surges), I […]

Lucy, Mike & Baby

My first labour was a water birth with my daughter. I was told how ‘good’ it was but personally I felt shocked with how painful it was and how out of control and scared I felt throughout it. So, I wanted to go into my second labour feeling in control and being equipped with some […]

Lisa, Ed & Baby

After a long, tiring 3 day birth with my first son, I knew this time around I needed to be more prepared. I decided to do a hypnobirthing course – I learned so much about my body and what to look out for during the stages of labour and the breathing techniques and positive affirmations […]